Full Roof Replacement


Full Roof Replacement Services for Homeowners in Eastford, CT

A typical roof will last roughly 20 years on average. When it comes time to make an update, you want to make sure you entrust the job to the right local roofing company. Northeast Builders Roofing LLC provides complete residential roof replacement services for homeowners in Eastford, CT and the surrounding areas. We offer over ten years of experience working on houses throughout the local community, as well as top-quality materials, fair labor rates, and unsurpassed customer service. Contact us today to request a free roof estimate or make an appointment to get your roof replacement project started!

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

You do not want to let your roof deteriorate to the point that it is no longer safe or functional, so it helps to watch for certain warning signs that it’s time to consider roof replacement. You can inspect your roof visually and look for any issues with your shingles, such as curling, cupping, or cracking. The growth of moss is also a clue, as it points to trapped moisture which can lead to rot.

Re-Roofing vs Roof Replacement

Essentially, roof replacement involves tearing off the existing roof and installing new material from scratch whereas re-roofing is like simply building a new layer over the existing roof. Re-roofing is not always an option, especially if it has already been done to your roof in the past. Roof replacement will always be the more effective option, although it requires a greater investment of time, resources, and money.

The Roof Replacement Process

We begin by stripping the old shingles from your roof and inspecting the deck underneath for damage. If no deck repairs are necessary, we will move on to applying an underlayment for protection against the elements. The new material is then installed over this. We conclude with a thorough clean-up and inspection of the new roof. Our roof company specializes in asphalt shingle roofing using Owens Corning Shingles.

moss on roof before and afternew shingles on roof before and afterfresh and clean roof shingles before and after